Platte Valley Receives Award

Count to 40 seconds and pause. Within that short amount of time, a person has just had a stroke. It is stated on that every four minutes, a person has died from a stroke too. That being said, Platte Valley Medical Center is working hard to prevent those numbers.

May 2016 brought national recognition to Platte Valley Medical Center with the achievement of Get with the Guidelines® Silver Stroke Award.  

A stroke is essentially a “brain attack” and a TIA is considered to be a pre-cursor to a stroke and a display of temporary stroke symptoms.  When a stroke occurs, the brain is cut off from oxygen causing cells to die. The areas where cells die, sometimes muscle control, are lost. (  

This award is for in-patients with strokes and TIA measures acute and inpatient achievement measures. According to the American Heart Association web site, silver recognition measures 12 consecutive months with 75% compliance on at least five stroke quality measures.  PVMC achieved greater than 97% compliance on all the achievement measures and more than 90% compliance on six of the stroke quality measures.

When a stroke occurs, time is crucial. A clot buster needs given through an IV quickly and one of the criterions for this award comes from the amount of time it takes to deliver clot-busting medication to the patient who has had the stroke. Hospitals must administer this medication within 60 minutes in at least 75% of patients.

The other measures, evidence-based guidelines, have an objective of speedy recovery and prevention of death and disability from stroke. Aside from the clot-busting medicine, anti-clotting medications, blood thinners and cholesterol-lowering drugs are also used.  Smoking cessation is another measure for patients.

Platte Valley medical Center now joins numerous hospitals across the country providing quality care for stroke patients.