Kaia Magazine Article: Unplugged

Winter weather lends itself to cozy indoor adventures. Avoid cabin fever as you unwind and unplug with more energy-efficient pastimes.

Go on an adventure within a book. It may seem trivial in comparison to the images available within the pixels on a screen, but the comforting patina of a library book captures the imagination more than anything on television. Curl up with a good book when a blizzard’s outside and escape to Hawaii with James Michener.

Pick out an interesting recipe from a cookbookand bake or cook all day!

Imagine playing games without sensors, controllers, and graphics. Yes, games existed before the game consoles. Board and card games are a nice alternative to the the energy-draining television. Cards might be appreciated and bring face-to-face communication that has escaped current generations.

The snow falling down may provide a perfect inspiration to pull out the pastels and draw. Take advantage of being inside by setting up a canvas with colors and try to capture the beauty that is just outside the window, far away from electronics.

Let other creativity flow. Take out pieces of paper and write poetry, prose, or a story. It’s amazing what writing looks like and leads to when it is not constricted by a computer.

If cabin fever does set in, go outside! The cold won’t hurt if properly bundled up. Make snow angels, go for a walk, go sledding, or do anything reminiscent of childhood.

A snow day or even a day unplugged from electronics takes people back to an appreciation of a time before plugged-in activities consumed lives. Give it a shot! Have a pretend black-out: turn everything off and play a game or read by candlelight. Lower the heat and not only save on heating costs but have a great excuse to snuggle. Experiencing life “Unplugged” several times weekly can save energy usage and make a difference in the earth, your life, and your relationships.

This article originally appeared in the February 2012 issue of Kaia Magazine. To read it in its entirety for free, click here.


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