DIY Holiday Wreath

Wreaths are of course a festive, fun and colorful point of entry as guests come into your home.  These wreaths do not stop with holidays either, you can celebrate all year long. Some wreaths cost up to 80$ for the glitz and glamour and the labor involved. What if I tell you that you can recreate the same appeal for $25 or less? I recreated my fall wreath for approximately $15 and it only took 20 minutes. I’ll tell you how!

I watched for a wreath frame sale, but if you cannot find one use a cardboard frame cut out. I was in luck and found a wire frame on sale for $2 but have seen the price similar in a craft store as well.  Burlap was also nearby on sale for $3 and what better material for a fall/winter wreath.  I picked up two other ribbons for decoration and  a bag of pine cones and acorns. These can also be made,  but with them just being a dollar each, I saved time!

So items to purchase are a wire frame and burlap if that’s what you want to use. Other items include a glue gun if you choose to use decorations, the extra ribbons, and any little embellishment you choose. Wreaths are your own personality, so have fun with it.

To start, weave the burlap through the wires of the base. This will hold the end in place while you assemble the rest. Pull a loop through the slats and fluff it out to the size you want.  Move over to the next slat and repeat until the wire is hidden. If you slide the loops together, you can have more space for loops and to puff it out more.  From there, you will need to adjust the loops to make the wreath look even and lastly, decorate!

Originally featured on Real Deals Magazine web site.