DIY Holiday Decorations

Thanksgiving is over and for most Americans, holiday decorations go up the weekend after Turkey Day. Holiday décor can definitely be costly, but if you would rather save money for presents than spending it on redoing the house, keep these tips in mind.

Reuse colors. I know it’s fun to change up Christmas colors annually but purchasing all brand-new ornaments, lights, garland, etc for the new color scheme can add up—especially if you have a 7 foot tree! By adding little by little to the already-established color scheme, you can save money and make your colors a tradition. If you would like to be creative and change it up though, plan ahead and do it next year. Shop the stores after Christmas sales and save big! Don’t forget to shop around your community too.

Yard sales and off-season shopping can get you the most unique décor for the holidays as well. I have a little wire tree I picked up from a yard sale that cost 50 cents and I use it every year.

DIY is my favorite any time of the year. If you are not on Pinterest, I do not know why you haven’t joined up. People who love decorating will find endless ideas. A $2 canvas and sharpie paired with your favorite quotation or lyric is the cutest décor idea. Mine is  hanging up and reads “Baby, it’s cold outside.” It will put even the worst scrooge in the spirit!

Originally featured on Real Deals Magazine web site.