Meyer serves Brighton community for over 20 years

Let’s congratulate James Meyer, MD on his accomplishment of serving and providing Brighton and surrounding areas the utmost quality care for the past 20 years. But how did he arrive to this milestone of patient care?

Before his medical career even began, Meyer was faced with a decision for higher education in 1976. He earned an appointment at West Point Military Academy from Congressman Donald Fraser and an appointment from Senator Walter Mondale for the United States Air Force Academy.  He ultimately chose and completed courses at West Point in 1978.

His decision to attend West Point speaks highly of the man he is. According to the West Point web site, the academy wants “leaders who are not only intelligent but physically fit and outstanding of character.” If he displayed that personality before becoming a doctor, imagine the patient care he provides now.

From West Point, Meyer completed his electrical engineering degree from the University of Minnesota in 1981 and his medical degree completed in 1986. He returned to a military institution, Fitzsimons Army Medical Center, where he worked on his internal medicine residency and in 1992, his fellowship in pulmonary critical care was completed.  Meyer served as a staff pulmonologist at Fitzsimons for two years before going into private practice.

Before coming back to Colorado, Meyer worked in several positions for Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

He joined Steven Skahill, MD in 1996 in internal medicine. His specialty includes internal and pulmonary medicine. He is also a sleep medicine specialist.

According to the Platte Valley Medical Center’s web site, “Dr. Meyer believes in being open and honest about a patient’s condition and being liberal about ordering tests and referrals to enhance patient care.”

His staff speaks highly of him too. If you would like to hear about professional awards, publications, military awards simply head to the office and his staff would be happy to brag of Meyer.

If you would like to send Dr. Meyer an e-mail to congratulate him on his 20 years of service, you can do so by emailing him at ______.