Sustainable Events Begin at UNC, Around Greeley—class writing

An overly plump squirrel , carrying a half-eaten, plain Einstein Bros. bagel up a tree is not unusual across the University of Northern Colorado West campus. Not far from the tree, other pieces of trash are visible: the napkin with the Einstein Bros. logo crumpled up with a white, tall-sized Starbucks cup alongside another furry [...]

Fiery Horse On Pena

Drivers cannot miss its fiery-red, glowing eyes while passing by on Peña Boulevard near Denver International Airport. Its wild mane, tail and rearing body in a bright blue hue has viewers double-taking Luis Jimenez’s “Mustang”—but not necessarily in a good way.   And Jimenez should be proud—even if it did cost him his life in [...]


Landscape Within Me

“That is landscape: not a place you live in, but a place that lives in you” (77). From childhood, I had my sense of place that lives within me today--- my grandmother’s farm. It wasn’t a desert but it was an area of southeastern Colorado where the nearest town had a small grocery store, one [...]

Typewriter Ode

I have always wanted a type writer and moreso in the last year. Type writers hold such strength without electricty and I would want to own such a device when my Ipad and Macbook die--- that's when most peope do not know how to act. Typewriter Ode .... Inspiration lies in my fingers, waiting to [...]