Typewriter Ode

I have always wanted a type writer and moreso in the last year. Type writers hold such strength without electricty and I would want to own such a device when my Ipad and Macbook die— that’s when most peope do not know how to act.

Typewriter Ode

Inspiration lies in my fingers, waiting to be exhaled when finger tip meets antique.
Letter picked and the reaction displayed.
The mechanism allows the desired letter to hit the paper with a crack.
ink pressed  firmly into place on  parchment.

Another strike and a freshly placed black letter resides next to the first letter lain.

Key by key
Pound after pound
Untold story
Bold bright
Brought to life

O typewriter
Your strength has been devalued.

Appreciation lost,
Pushed aside

O typewriter
It’s time for your revival.

Wrists reside rightfully so where writers only know
Lightly above the keys anticipating the spark
of inspiration to reconnect  past to present.

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