At the end of the line response

The image of water saturated with the blue fin tuna’s blood is hard to watch. The fisherman must see dollar signs as the tuna are impaled and thrown onto the ship. The entrapment to capture the tuna is the image that remains in my head after watching At the End of the Line.

According to, it is reported that overfishing is the result of lack of management and ignorance. If it were ignorance perhaps it could be a slightly excusable mistake for the past extinction of the cod, but it’s not the case. I do not think anyone is ignorant to the destruction we are causing. The data is out there declaring which species are on the brink of extinction and which fish are gone because of the overfishing. It is absolutely appalling to see how we could decimate the ocean’s population for our own greed.

The majestic tuna is nothing but dollar signs, and once it cannot sustain its population and meets the same demise as the cod— what species will follow? Once again, as Greenberg says, I hold hope for the future of fish. I hope it doesn’t come to the point that numbers of species go extinct to feed this overpopulated planet with an unhealthy diet of domination over the rest of the world.

The documentary has started a revolution within me. I’ve always been drawn to water, and perhaps I can find an internship to help the fish that do not have a voice, but dollar signs. I want to write and educate the masses who may have not seen the documentary or unaware of the mass overfishing of all species. It’s such a travesty to not only pollute the oceans, but destroy the beautiful organisms that reside in its depths.

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