Humankind Must Be ‘Four’ Fish

I’ve never fished in my life. Well, I should say I was never allowed to as a child being the youngest of four and my grandfather didn’t have enough eyes to keep track of us all. Every now and again, I have these desires to fish— but once I remember I lack patience and wouldn’t have the heart to see a fish in that state– the thoughts dissipate.

To a native resident of a land-locked state, it is unusual to think of the ocean aside from the blue area on a globe, but I have always been drawn to the vast water. (For better or worse). Reading Four Fish conjured up many feelings associated to the oceans and marine life within its deepest depths.

It was once thought that “the only solution to pollution is dilution,” and unfortunately the oceans have endured humankind’s years of yemeles disregard for the misconception that exists today (although scientific evidence has shown otherwise). It’s as if mankind has been in some sort of widdendream thinking that marine life would remain unaffected from all the chemicals and toxicants we place in the waters.

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