Published pieces range from my freelance and internship work with Izilwane or DuPont to pieces with the UNC Mirror. I have samples of book reviews, opinion pieces, entertainment, and blog writing.

DuPont Registry enlisted my writing services to include pieces of beautiful multi-million dollar estates for sale. I included two DuPont Registry pieces that were my favorite.

DuPont Registry Pieces

An internship with a biodiversity conservation organization, named Izilwane at the time, provided great experience writing various pieces about our environment and conservation. I have included here on my site a book review, video review, a piece connecting our youth to the environment and a blurb about an eco-geared company.

Kaia Magazine helped me produce a piece about unplugging from the electronic world.

Kaia Magazine Article: Unplugged

If you do not know who EO Wilson is, please click on the link and get educated! He is a famous biologist and incredible person. It was such a pleasure to have him on my college campus and meet him. What an honor.

Speaking on Behalf of Species

US Building Digest hired me as a green building blogger and my posts reached thousands of readers! Unfortunately, it is no longer online—but my organic post views can still be seen on the screenshots!

US Building Digest Blog Posts

Real Deals Magazine provided me the outlet to craft DIY pieces, interview my favorite chef, and other fun articles I had not yet had the chance to create.

Local Color Magazine in Brighton, Colorado granted me the fun experience to write about the workings of the city while I worked nearby at the local hospital. During my employment at the hospital, I wrote a couple blog pieces for the hospital.

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is an informative piece I created as well as an article about a Stroke Award that the hospital received. I also completed a bio on one of the physicians there.

UNC Mirror is the newspaper where I gained my copy-editing experience, but I did write my piece on EO Wilson and also an opinion piece about a pipeline.

Trans-continental pipeline an addiction for oil-hungry companies

Class writings were another way I showcased my different writing styles and the time when one of my favorite poems came to life.


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